Aspor A611 Magnet Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Earphone 8 Hours Timing

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Aspor A611 Magnet Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Earphone: The Best Earphones

ASPOR A611 Magnet Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Earphone is a trendy item that sounds great and feels even better. It was designed with your comfort and style in mind! The ergonomic, shallow in-ear design ensures a perfect fit and excellent sound quality.

The One Step Pairing Technology makes it easy to connect your devices and the delicate silicone ear snares keep the earbuds securely in place.

ASPOR A611 Magnet Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Earphone

  • Model: A611
  • Shading: Blue/Black
  • Bluetooth rendition: V4.2
  • Battery limit: 90mAh
  • Waterproof level: IPX2
  • Lifetime: Talking time: 8 Hours

Aspor A 611 Magnet Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Earphone 8 Hours Working Time


This earphone is perfect for listening to music, making calls or attending to other audio tasks on the go. The magnet design keeps the earbuds together, so you can attach them around your neck when not in use. The earphones offer 8 hours of working time and have a standby time of up to 240 hours.

Aspor A611 Magnet Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Earphone has 8 hours working time. And it is a simple and easy way to keep your music and calls with you on the go.

The earphones are magnetically attached so you can clip them together when they’re not in use, and they have a built-in microphone for handsfree phone calls.

The earphones are also sweatproof and have a lightweight design, making them perfect for staying active.

Key Features Of Aspor A611

  1. Air-Mini remote Bluetooth Earbuds
  2. Ergonomic and shallow in-ear plan
  3. Quality sound in vogue item
  4. One Step Pairing Technology
  5. delicate silicone ear snares
  6. Made with prime quality
  7. Strong material which Never frustrate You

The ASPOR A611 Magnet Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Earphone is perfect for anyone who wants a quality set of earphones without having to worry about them breaking.

The strong material used in the construction of these earphones means that you can be sure that they will never frustrate you, and the one step pairing technology ensures that you will not have any issues connecting them to your device. The ergonomic and shallow in-ear design also makes

Aspor A611 Bluetooth Neckband

This is ASPOR A611 Magnet Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Earphone the earphone will consequently associate the last matched Bluetooth gadget, no need of blending again great Stereo Sound.

Those headphones worked in excellent sound chip, redesign very adjusted Bass and premium vibrating stomach innovation.

With regards to sourcing items for our reliable clients, we generally chose prime quality on pattern items.

This cautious choice of our items drove us accomplishing the trust of our clients which assisted us with being more certain about our business.

Why Aspor Bluetooth Neckband is Recommended

The Aspor Bluetooth Neckband has several features that recommend it as a top-quality product. Its design is sleek and modern, resembling a choker necklace when worn. It is also lightweight and comfortable to wear, with an adjustable band that makes it easy to get the perfect fit. Perhaps best of all, it offers high-quality sound without any annoying background noise. Whether you’re listening to music, making a call, or tuning in to a conference call, you’ll be able to hear.

Aspor Bluetooth Neckband is the perfect device for people who are always on the go. Here are the top reasons why this neckband is a great choice:

· The neckband is lightweight and comfortable to wear, so you can wear it all day without feeling weighed down.

· It has a long battery life, so you can use it for extended periods of time without having to recharge it.

· features of noise cancellation technology, so you can listen to your music or take calls without being disturbed.

Extra Features Of Aspor A611 Bluetooth Stereo Earphone Neckband

Aspor A611 Bluetooth stereo earphone is not only a common earphone, but also has some unique features. The following are the extra features of Aspor A611 Bluetooth stereo earphone:

The earphone boasts a comfortable design that sits snugly in your ear canals and does not fall out even when you are active. It offers great sound quality with deep bass and crisp treble. You can also use it to make hands-free calls as it has a built-in microphone.

Aspor A611 Bluetooth stereo earphone is a newly designed earphones.It has many extra features which are not possess by other common earphones. For example, the Neckband design makes it more stable to wear and not easy to fall off even when you are working out. Secondly, the magnets built in the earphones can achieve a stable connection with your phone and play music without any interruption. Another feature is that it is suitable for people who have small or large ears because of the adjustable ear hooks.


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