RIF6 Eargo Wireless Headphones In Pakistan



 RIF6 Eargo Wireless Headphones

Eargo RIF6 Wireless Headphones for Running – Functional Bluetooth Earbuds for Exercise and Workouts – Microphone Sports Earphones with No Slip Hooks – Sweatproof Sound and High Bass. RIF6 Eargo Have high quality of material and have ton of extra pieces of earbuds tips which are too great approach by Eargo to provide such an extra eard buds pieces

RIF6 Eargo Features

  • Model : RIF6
  • Brand : Eargo
  • Charging Timing : 1 Hour
  • Calling Time : 6 Hours
  • Music Time : 4-7 Hours

How To Connect RIF6 Eargo

  1. Right earbud has a charging port under a rubber flap
  2. Connect the headphones to a power source with the USB cable included
  3. It takes about 2 hours to fully charge the headphones’ batteries
  4. Before pairing, check if the device is Bluetooth compatible
  5. Eargo cable with headphones control panel
  6. When the LED light on the control panel alternately blinks blue and red (indicating that Eargo is ready to pair), press and hold the power button.
  7. Select “Eargo RIF6” from device Bluetooth menu
  8. LED light turns blue once paired successfully

Included In Box

Micro USB charging cable, 3 sets of foam ear tips, 2

Extra Information Of Bluetooth
  • Audio quality is enhanced with aptX support and background noise is eliminated with CVC echo cancellation and have Good Support for games
  • Battery life is 4-7 hours, recharge times are 2 hours, and speaker sound is optimized after 3 charge cycles (manual and full specifications are listed in product description)
  • The in-ear headphones stay put even during vigorous exercise with the stabilizing sweat-resistant anchor hooks that curve around the inside of your ear.
  • Integrated microphone and voice control capabilities allow them to make calls hands-free without sacrificing performance

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